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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting our "site"! I hope you, as I do, have the memory preserving bug. Just a little history about why we started this little service:

My father has a ton of slides from his childhood and younger life and even more film negatives that had been developed but for some reason or another, we couldn't find the printed image. Not only that, but when I priced several big retail chains, I was so appalled at their $0.48 -$0.50 a slide that I nearly... well, fainted is a strong word, but I was definitely second guessing my decision to get the photos developed.

About that same time, a good friend mentioned that she also had "thousands of slides" that she wanted developed too, but couldn't justify the cost.

"Wouldn't it be great," we discussed. "If we could convert the slides to a digital format so we could print them how ever and where ever we wanted?"

That was when we decided to do something about it. We bought a slide scanner. After a few test runs, we worked out the price tables and built from there.

You see, the biggest problem facing people with slides and 35mm film is that they are too busy to do anything about them. "One day, I'll get those slides scanned." Even those that have bought a slide scanner themselves find their days packed with things they'd rather be doing than scanning hundreds upon thousands of slides.

And that's okay. Let me repeat that: That is okay.

Life is too short not to spend it playing with grandkids or taking those romantic or educational trips around the world. And it's definitely too short to spend a fortune on scanning slides/negatives.

That's where we come in. We believe that you shouldn't have to mortgage the house to preserve your memories. And you deserve excellent quality at that affordable price. That is why we started this and why we call this a "service" and not a company. We want to help you. Give us a chance to show you our exceptional work and we promise that you won't want to go back to those big, retail chain stores again.